Friday, July 6, 2018

Is Your Contractor Insured?

By Edward L. Blais, JD, CIC
President, Blais Insurance 

Summer is a popular time for home-improvement projects. Whether
you’re adding a new bathroom or making small changes in your kitchen, what happens in the case of a contractor’s negligence?

In many instances, the homeowner may opt to hire a friend of the family, or someone you know can get the job done quickly, or at a discounted rate. Before hiring a contractor for any house project, asking for proof of insurance is critical.

If an uninsured worker is injured on the job, or if they cause damage to your property, you could be held liable. Paying the little extra for someone who is insured is always worth it, rather than taking the unnecessary risk of hiring someone uninsured.

Simply taking the contractor’s word that they are insured is not enough. Blais Insurance has some tips to help ensure you get a legitimate worker and that you are covered in any scenario:
  • Obtain a Certificate of Insurance by email or fax, and then call the agency listed to verify its validity
  • Make sure their insurance includes workers’ compensation for their employees as well
  • Visit the State of Rhode Island Contractors’ Registration Board website to check if your contractor is licensed.
  • Check the BBB Business Reviews at
  • Secure a few different bids from various contractors before beginning a job
  • Keep all your records – proof of licensing, insurance, contracts, invoices, proof of payment, photos from before, after, and during, and all project correspondence

If a contractor tries to convince you that insurance is not necessary, do not fall for it. The only one who would end up in trouble in this case would be you. While finding an insured contractor may cost you more time initially, it will be time well spent and could save you thousands down the road. To learn more about how you can protect what matters most to you, call Blais Insurance today at 401-725-0070.